Ballantyne man bitten after trying to rid his yard of a copperhead

A copperhead in the grass
A copperhead in the grass jblackmon@thesunnews.com

A Ballantyne man has become the season’s first publicized victim of a copperhead bite in Charlotte, according to TV station Fox 46.

Mike McGowan told the station one of the venomous snakes bit his finger while he and his wife were doing yard work Sunday. The snake was curled up and well-disguised among some logs, and he was trying to move it elsewhere when the bite occurred.

“My whole hand puffed up, you couldn't see any of the veins and everything was puffed up that big,” he told Fox 46.

McGowan told Fox 46 he got the copperhead in a bucket and wanted to relocate him, but was bitten in the process.

“It went through a pair of leather gloves! I've had snakes before and just the little teeth won't go through it but the fang went through it and I felt a sharp sting right away,” McGowan told Fox 46.

The station reported he sought medical care and didn’t need anti-venom treatments.

A copperhead snake in a tree at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Denver, N.C., bit a customer on Monday, authorities said.