Suspect charged in 1993 uptown Charlotte rape. Guess where he was found.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have charged a man in connection with a 24-year-old rape case, after finding their suspect already in prison, serving time for sexual assault.

The suspect, 51-year-old Antonio Gaines, is now facing two new counts of first degree rape, first degree sex offense and attempted robbery.

Investigators say the Charlotte case happened on April 23, 1993, and involved a female who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in the 400 block of Caldwell Street by several men. State records show Gaines lived nearby at the time, in the 800 block of 7th Street.

Evidence was collected and analyzed in the case, but detectives say they were unable to obtain suspect information at that time due to technology limitations.

The CMPD Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit reopened the investigation and was able to re-examine the evidence and submit DNA to the CMPD Crime Lab. In January 2017, Antonio Gaines was confirmed as a suspect based on the DNA evidence, police say.

Detectives located Gaines in the Scotland County Correctional Center in eastern North Carolina. He was there for a conviction of a sexual assault that occurred in 2001.

Detectives submitted the evidence to a grand jury this month leading to the charges against Gaines.

He has a lengthy record in the state, including convictions on common law robbery, breaking and entering, car theft and second degree rape.

State records show he also has a pending rape trial for a sexual assault that occurred three days before the one that happened in Charlotte in 1993.