Seen a Bigfoot? Call Bigfoot 911 and this NC team will take you seriously

Charlotteans who think they may have spotted Bigfoot in their yard are being advised their best option, as far as a sympathetic ear, is to call Bigfoot 911.

The McDowell News is reporting that Bigfoot 911 is a small but dedicated group of investigators who have quietly spent the past few years poking around the woods McDowell County in search of the legendary Bigfoot, or as some call him, Sasquatch.

Bigfoot 911, which formed in 2014, claims to have extensive evidence that Bigfoot exists, says the News. But they call it “The Beast of the Blue Ridge.”

“What we do is Bigfoot expeditions in McDowell County,” Bigfoot 911 creator John Bruner told McDowell News. “We’ve collected a ton of evidence, mostly photographs.”

Bruner is a lieutenant and SMAT coordinator with McDowell EMS, it was reported. His Bigfoot 911 operation has about 50 members according to its Facebook page, including one guy who is billed as an “expert Bigfoot caller.”

The team’s job is to contact people who report seeing the creature and then investigate “in a professional way,” it was reported.

“We look at all the evidence presented and make a determination as a team as to whether the evidence is an actual Bigfoot or something that is explained and debunked,” said a statement from the group in the McDowell News.

There have been multiple reports of Bigfoot sightings in western North Carolina in recent years.

The Asheville Times reported last year that the Animal Planet series “Finding Bigfoot” saw enough anecdotal evidence in NC to warrant a visit to film an episode. “Finding Bigfoot” follows four researchers who track the mythical beast around the world, guided by local lore. (The N.C. episode aired recently, it was reported.)

In August of 2015, the Citizen-Times released a video of a purported western North Carolina Bigfoot sighting that went viral.

To contact Bigfoot 911, visit their Facebook page here or email bigfoot911bobr@gmail.com. The Facebook page has plenty of photos, including many posters swear are foot prints of a Bigfoot.

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