Students, staff possibly exposed to Tuberculosis at school in Cabarrus Co.



Officials with Cabarrus County Schools say some staff and students at Hickory Ridge High School may recently have been exposed to an individual with Tuberculosis (TB).

"This exposure is likely to have affected a very small number of individuals, and we are working closely with the public health staff at Cabarrus Health Alliance to contact those individuals who may have been exposed and to ensure that they receive appropriate testing and treatment," school officials said in a letter to parents. "The vast majority of staff and students will not be contacted, and do not need any testing or treatment for TB."

Officials say while it is important for the entire school to be aware, they reiterated that it was a "relatively small number" of people who were likely exposed.

"No one is at immediate risk of any health problems," they said. "There is nothing for you to do unless you are contacted by the school and notified that your child has been identified as having been exposed to TB."

Parents who have questions or concerns regarding this exposure are asked to contact the TB Program at Cabarrus Health Alliance, telephone number 704-920-1213.

Here is what the school told parents to do if their child was possibly exposed:

  • You will be contacted by a letter regarding TB testing in the coming week. If you do not receive a letter, your child does not need testing.
  • Your child will be scheduled to have a TB skin test done at school.
  • If your child’s TB skin test is positive or if a nurse is concerned about symptoms that your child is experiencing, a chest x-ray will be performed to check for any signs of TB illness in the lungs.
  • If the TB skin test is negative, your child will be scheduled to have another TB test done in 2