Lost Ballantyne cat known for being ‘a jerk’ has been found … and she’s still a jerk

A Ballantyne cat that won local fame for acting like “a jerk” has returned home without explanation.

Owner Mary Irwin and her husband, Don West, of Ballantyne suspected their lost cat, Babou, had been taken in by kindly neighbors – who would quickly realize they had bitten off more than they could chew.

That’s because Babou is, well, a difficult cat, prone to being loud, averse to being touched, and eccentric in her pleasures, including a love of sitting in the shower to watch people wash their hair.

It was no surprise to her that Babou mysteriously came home, amid one of those freak evening storms last week. Some poor neighbor had probably had enough of the cat and put her out.

“About 10 p.m., I heard Don and his mother yelling in the other room and lo and behold Babou, the jerk, had walked up to the front door and meowed LOUDLY to come back inside!!” Irwin said in an email.

“She's a little thinner and was very wet but other than that she's fine!”

Babou became something of a celebrity in the community after Irwin began posting messages on Charlotte websites, noting her indoor cat had gotten out and would be a handful for the unlucky finder. “She’s kind of a jerk, so you probably won’t be able to pick her up,” said Irwin’s post on Nextdoor.com.

Irwin offered a $100 reward for Babou, but no one took her up on the offer.