Brother of Union Co stabbing victim angered over lack of charges in case

By Sarah-Blake Morgan, WBTV Reporter

Steven Nicotera
Steven Nicotera

A man is sharing his grief after he says his brother is being denied justice by the Union County Sheriff's Office.

Last week, investigators say 32-year-old Steven Nicotera was stabbed to death during an argument inside a Matthews home. Five days later, no one has been charged.

Thomas Nicotera is having a hard time believing his brother is gone.

"He didn't have any enemies, and I know a lot of people say that when there's times like this, but he didn't," he said.

Thomas told WBTV his brother had just moved to Matthews from Myrtle Beach to look for contracting and construction work.

"He was amazing. I mean, he was the hardest worker. The most loyal, kind person," he said.

The way Steven died is making accepting reality even harder for Thomas.

"I fell to the ground on the kitchen floor and I immediately started praying, pray pray pray that it's not true. It's can't be true," Thomas said.

According to Union County deputies, Steven got into an argument Wednesday evening with a man he knew. That led to him being stabbed. But Thomas says his family hasn't been given much more information than has been released to WBTV.

"Police have barely told us anything," he said.

Since the man who stabbed Steven hasn't been charged, WBTV is not naming him. But Thomas says the two knew each other well, and he questions his "self-defense" claims.

"They're making it look like a simple cut and dry thing, where they're stating that the evidence is adding up to his story, which it doesn't make sense," he said.

Union County told WBTV, "There have not been any charges filed yet. The matter is still active and remains under investigation. Once the leads have been addressed, our investigators will meet with the DA to discuss the case and make a decision."

Thomas isn't confident his brother will ever see justice.

"I'm thinking that they're labeling it as a done deal," he said.

Thomas and his family are trying to find closure, but he says that's not easy when no one is being held responsible for their painful loss.

"I just can't believe it," he said. "It will echo in my mind forever."