He raped a Charlotte woman on Thanksgiving in 1985. Now he faces 100 years in prison.

Jerry Oglesby
Jerry Oglesby

A man who raped a Charlotte woman on Thanksgiving back in 1985 will spend the next 100 years in prison, based on a recent jury decision in Superior Court.

Jerry Oglesby, 60, was found guilty of second-degree rape, second-degree sex offense, common law robbery and felony breaking or entering. Court officials note 100 years is the maximum allowable sentence.

The rape – long listed among the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s cold cases – happened when the victim went to a Charlotte hotel where she had been hired as a plumbing contractor to refurbish the hotel’s bathtubs, court officials said.

On her way to one of the hotel rooms, the woman passed a man walking in the opposite direction in the hall. She went into the room and began her work. That same man later walked into the room, grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. He also took $20 from her jeans before fleeing the room.

Investigators at the time were unable to identify a suspect. But decades later, CMPD detectives reopened the case and discovered DNA evidence belonging to Oglesby.

He was arrested in Kentucky in 2014. Oglesby’s DNA had been entered into a national database following his conviction for another rape he committed in South Carolina nine months after the Charlotte attack.

At trial, the Charlotte victim took the stand to recount the sexual assault. The South Carolina victim also testified, establishing Oglesby’s pattern of violent behavior against women.

“The testimonies of these courageous women were critical in Oglesby’s conviction, and the District Attorney’s Office is grateful for their assistance in seeking justice,” said District Attorney Andrew Murray in a statement about last week’s verdict.