Keith Lamont Scott family appealing CMPD finding in fatal shooting at Tuesday hearing

Keith Lamont Scott
Keith Lamont Scott

A lawyer for the Keith Lamont Scott family is scheduled to appear before Charlotte’s Citizens Review Board Tuesday to appeal the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s finding that an officer was justified in killing Scott last September.

CMPD determined in March that Officer Brentley Vinson followed proper procedures when he fatally shot the Scott during a Sept. 20 confrontation outside a University City apartment complex and will not be disciplined, according to documents obtained by the Charlotte Observer.

The findings, which were sent to the wife of Keith Lamont Scott, say Officer Brentley Vinson “acted lawfully and in accordance with Department policy” in the deadly September shooting.

Scott, 43, was killed when police were serving a warrant at The Village at College Downs apartment complex on Old Concord Road.

The letter gives more detail about Vinson’s actions the day Scott was killed.

The letter stated Vinson said, “I felt like if I didn’t do anything right then at that point, it’s like he... he was gonna shoot me or he's gonna shoot one of my buddies and it was gonna happen right now, so I reacted. I was the only one that had a decent backdrop.”

The letter was signed by CMPD Chief Kerr Putney and Major Estella Patterson with the Internal Affairs Bureau.

CMPD’s decision means that an internal review has found that Vinson shouldn’t face termination, suspension or other severe disciplines.

Charles Monnett III, the attorney for Scott’s family, previously said the family would be requesting a review of by the Citizens Review Board.

That review is set to take place at the Government Center at 4 p.m. Tuesday. The meeting will be in open session. Once the board is ready to consider the appeal, there will be a motion to go into closed session.

“During the closed session, the board will hear separately from the attorney representing the Scott Family and then a CMPD representative,’ Charlotte’s Senior Communications Specialist Jordan-Ashley Walker said.

The autopsy, released by the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner, shows that Scott was killed by gunshot wounds to the posterior left chest and left abdomen.

“After a thorough review, it is my conclusion that officer Vinson acted lawfully in shooting Scott on Sept. 20, 2016,” District Attorney Andrew Murray announced in November.

Monnett told WBTV the Scott family is disappointed.

“The family strongly believes that officer Vinson’s use of deadly force was in violation of the department’s policy. So it’s difficult for us to understand how the internal affairs review board could have come to this conclusion,” he said.