NC bird rescue struggling after losing food donations


A local animal rescue feels like the rug has been ripped out beneath them after they say their food donations stopped abruptly. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue relies heavily on fresh produce donations from Harris Teeter to feed hundreds of birds they’re nursing back to health.

Jennifer Gordon is the director of the Indian Trail based non-profit.

“Every single animal has a story. They all have a horrible story of how they got here,” she said.

Most of the birds they have came in abandoned or injured. Gordon says their staff and volunteers take in between 3,000 and 5,000 animals every year.

“The feathered ones rule the roost at Carolina Waterfowl. Animals are everywhere, and to keep them full it take hundreds of pounds of fresh produce per day.

Since the organization’s inception, they've relied on food donations from local grocery stores, most recently, Harris Teeter. But Tuesday, Gordon says they were told the donations would be stopping because of a new initiative.

“We’ve always relied on the generosity of the community stores around us that provided us food and it was devastating to find out that it was no longer going to be available,” she said.

The organization is now scrambling to find a way to feed hundreds of hungry beaks

“100 dollars a day. That’s a staggering amount of money,” Gordon said.

If Carolina Waterfowl can’t find a new donor, Gordon says they’ll have to make cuts, starting with their songbird program.

“That’s 3,000 songbirds in our area that wouldn’t get help because we wouldn’t be able to afford to feed them anymore,” she said.

Gordon hopes to find a solution soon before their resources fly south for good.

“It’s hard because there’s no place for these animals to go, they have no home,” she said.

Carolina Waterfowl is looking for any donations of fresh produce. For more information on how to help, visit www.carolinawaterfowlrescue.com or https://www.facebook.com/cwrescue/.

Harris Teeter released a statement Wednesday. “Harris Teeter is proud of the financial and in-kind support it shows to hundreds of nonprofits here in our home market of Charlotte,” the statement read. “We are committed to working together to reach a resolution with this very important nonprofit.”