NC woman challenges cop to arm wrestle at Walmart and ends up in jail

Jessica Maureen Bridges
Jessica Maureen Bridges

A North Carolina woman ended up in jail this week, after she decided out of the blue to challenge a female police officer at Walmart to an arm wrestling contest.

It happened Sunday at a Walmart in Taylorsville, a mountain town about 60 miles northwest of Charlotte. The Taylorsville Police Department reported that Jessica Maureen Bridges, 36, approached a police officer patrolling a Walmart and dared the officer to arm wrestle with her.

The officer declined, but couldn’t help being suspicious.

“She noticed Bridges’ appreciable impairment and began to investigate,” said a statement from Taylorsville Police.

Bridges, who lives in Statesville, was found to be in possession of methamphetamine, buprenorphine and drug paraphernalia, police said.

On top of that, Bridges was wanted for three felony indictments from Catawba County on charges of selling meth. She also had an outstanding warrant from Iredell for assault.

She was placed under a $73,000 bond, said police.

Media outlets have, of course, noted the incident.

“Some arrests are a little easier than others for law enforcement. Few are easier than this one,” noted radio station WACB.