Warrant: Charlotte man attacks friend with machete after drinking, smoking pot

Wilmer Jose Hernandez-Sanchez
Wilmer Jose Hernandez-Sanchez

A Charlotte man is facing charges after police say he assaulted his friend with a machete after a night of drinking and smoking marijuana.

According to an arrest warrant released Wednesday, the incident happened early Tuesday at an apartment along the 600-block of Archdale Drive.

A man told officers that he and his friend, Wilmer Jose Hernandez-Sanchez, were drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana on the back porch of the apartment when a “mild confrontation escalated into an assault with a machete.”

Hernandez-Sanchez reportedly smoked three marijuana blunts before he entered the apartment and got the machete, according to the warrant. He then reportedly attacked the man causing deep cuts on his hands. When Hernandez-Sanchez saw the injuries and realized the severity of the injuries, he said he would pay the man $5,000 not to call the police, according to the warrant.

The man ran to a nearby family member’s home where they called 911.

Police found Hernandez-Sanchez at his apartment with dried blood on him and his clothing. There was also blood on the porch of the apartment. He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana.

The victim told police the two men had known one another for 10 years and both were from Honduras.