Wednesday's storms topple trees, damage homes

Tree damage after Wednesday storms
Tree damage after Wednesday storms WBTV

Officials in Caldwell County say trees toppled during Wednesday's thunderstorms caused major damage.

Caldwell County Emergency Services released several photos from Pibbs Drive, in the town of Sawmills, and Pinewood Avenue in Granite Falls that showed some of the damage.

Homeowner, Mike Waksmunski, came home to a massive mess in his backyard.

“It looks like trees have been ripped right out of the ground by the stumps almost. It looks like a tornado came through here for sure,” he said.

Some of the trees landed on top of homes and others barely missed them. DC Heffner's yard is in shambles, but he'll take that over a hole in his roof.

“I hear a thud. I didn’t know what it was until it was over with and I came out and this is what I saw,” he said.

Heffner is feeling extra thankful.

“The way it fell, I said, thank you Lord, you blew it away from the house,” he said.

No monetary estimates of the damage have been released, but officials said the American Red Cross is helping residents and the National Weather Service has been called for their evaluation.

Luckily, no injuries were reported.