Report: Woman calls 911 for son’s overdose, leaves second victim in vehicle

Charlene Allen Pigg
Charlene Allen Pigg

A Union County mother is facing several charges after deputies say she called 911 about her son’s alleged overdose but concealed that another person had also overdosed.

The incident began when Charlene Allen Pigg, 51, called 911 around 1:42 a.m. on June 24, from a home in Unionville. EMS and first responders found Pigg’s 19-year-old son unconscious on the back porch of the home. The son, who officials said used a “mixture of controlled substances,” was taken to the hospital.

Several hours later, around 8 a.m., EMS was again called to the home - this time for an unconscious 21-year-old in a vehicle on the property. Authorities said the man had a faint pulse and was also rushed to CHS-Union.

Detectives began investigating the circumstances behind the two overdoses and determined that the 21-year-old and Pigg’s son had taken the substances while they were together the night before, causing both to lose consciousness. Deputies say when Pigg called 911 seeking help for her son, she never told first responders about the second person who had been left in the passenger seat of the vehicle on the property.

Investigators also said Pigg removed evidence from the vehicle with the unconscious man while her son was being treated at the hospital.

Pigg was arrested and charged with breaking/entering and larceny from a motor vehicle, felony obstruction of justice, and resist delay and obstruct.

Deputies said Piggs husband, Sanford Pigg, also gave false statements during the investigation. He was also charged with resist delay and obstruct.