Was a ghost just caught on film at NC’s Tryon Palace? Two women insist it’s true

A ghost in the hallway, or just a staff member?
A ghost in the hallway, or just a staff member?

Two tourists visiting Tryon Palace in eastern North Carolina have reportedly recorded images of a ghost, and newspapers in the United Kingdom can’t get enough of it.

A least a half dozen news sites in Europe and the British Isles had covered the story Friday, after the “spooky footage” was posted on YouTube.

That footage clearly shows a transparent image of a Colonial era servant (carrying a basket) walking past a doorway at the Palace. It’s unclear who posted the Snapchat video, but it is accompanied by a claim that Danielle Hyde, 21, and Savanna Brown, 23, filmed the “ghost” during a visit to Tryon Palace on Sunday.

A statement on YouTube says the women believe the image is the spirit of a servant who died in an 18th Century fire.

“The palace is actually known for being haunted,” Hyde is quoted as saying on YouTube. “There was a fire there in 1798 and I believe it started where the servants used to live.”

Tryon Palace, located in New Bern, was completed in 1770 and served as the first permanent capitol of North Carolina. In 1798, a fire destroyed the original Palace building. It was rebuilt and reopened in 1959.

For reasons unknown, the video is being widely covered in the United Kingdom, including stories in the Daily Mail, Metro.Co.UK, The Sun UK and the Mirror.

The Mirror called the footage “terrifying” while a headline in The Sun read: “MAID OF HORROR: Spooky footage shows ‘ghost’ of female servant stalking US mansion where she burned alive in 18th Century fire.”

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Hyde, who is from Goldsboro, told the Daily Mail that the palace felt “eerie” and the cellar was freezing cold, despite the summer heat.

“We were just going around on the tour...I wasn't trying to capture anything specific but showing the surroundings,” she told the Daily Mail. “I only noticed the ghostly figure in the background when my cousin messaged me saying ‘is that a ghost?’”

Officials at Tryon Palace could not be reached Friday to comment on the stories.

However, social media response has largely cast doubt on the ghost image. Some claim the video is fake. Others claim it was just a staff member, blurred due to the speed of her walk.

“First, the so called ghost has a shadow,” posted one commenter on the Daily Mail’s web site. “And 2nd, every female that works there wears period correct clothing.”