Is ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair mellowing? Recent interviews hint of regrets

Ric Flair
Ric Flair

Charlotte’s professional wrestling legend Ric Flair seems to be getting more reflective and, dare we say, mellow as he ages.

The former “world champion” has been giving a series of painfully honest interviews leading up to a documentary about his career on ESPN’s acclaimed “30 for 30” series. It will air Nov. 7.

The interviews suggest he has some regrets, though Flair makes no apologies.

GameSpot recently credited Flair’s “blingy bravado” with elevating professional wrestling to new heights, but said it also earned him a reputation of being “one of the greatest heels in the business.” Flair won’t deny that.

In an Aug. 1 interview, he admits that he had troubles drawing a line between his wrestling persona and his personal life.

“That’s my problem. I never could separate them,” Flair told GameSpot. “Pros and cons, man. I was pretty wrapped up in it. I couldn’t stop being Ric Flair, which is the truth. It takes a unique person to be a professional wrestler. It’s very difficult and very demanding, physically and mentally. You have to be able to separate yourself from family.”

Flair addressed that issued again in a recent interview on the Toucher & Rich show on CBS in Boston, saying he became his wrestling persona “much to my dismay.”


“If I said it, guys, I was doing it,” he told the show. “That doesn’t always work when you’re married. I worked every day, 365 days, twice on Saturday, twice on Sunday. When I was the world champion... I never had a day off. I was never home for 20 years...I liked the notoriety and the attention and I was good at it.”

Flair also said if social media was around during his heyday, he would be “locked up in San Quentin.”

“I had a guy tell me when I was 24 that if I lived to be 30, I’d overstay my welcome,” he told Toucher & Rich.