Murky water in some Caldwell County homes linked to Old Shuford Mill fire

Oddly colored water.
Oddly colored water.

Multiple Caldwell County homes have reported discolored water coming out of their faucets, and officials say it’s connected to July’s giant warehouse fire in Granite Falls.

The Old Shuford Mill building burned for hours, requiring the help of every fire station in Caldwell County, as well as many from other counties.

Katie Sullivan lives in the Dudley Shoals community of Caldwell County. She started noticing brown, murky water coming from her faucets a couple of weeks ago.

“It was very brown, very brown,” Sullivan said.

After a couple weeks of on-and-off discoloration, she had enough.

“Today was very bad,” she said. “I called the water department and asked if something was going on.”

It turns out, the water lines in the Dudley Shoals community were disrupted during the blaze at the Old Shuford Mill.

Caldwell County Water Department Superintendent Kim Prestwood said the intense amount of water pressure used to put out the fire caused debris in the lines to get stirred up.

The lines, which are nearly a century old, have built-up debris at the bottom of the pipes. Prestwood said it is not a health hazard because the water is treated and sterile.

However, since the debris was mixed up, that is what is causing dirty-looking water to flow through faucets.

He says the debris should settle back down soon. If you have an issue with murky water, you're asked to report it to the Caldwell County Water Department.