Who would play NASCAR’s Dale Jr. in a bio movie? He has unusual suggestions.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. AP

It’s unclear if Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the question seriously, but when asked on Twitter Monday who would play him in a bio film, the popular NASCAR driver had some very unusual ideas.

“Since this will never happen. Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi or Chris Rock,” Earnhardt tweeted Monday morning.

Asked later which phase of Cage’s lengthy career he had in mind for a portrayal, Earnhardt responded: “Con Air Cage,” referring to the action film “Con Air.”

The three actors have almost nothing in common, except for a reputation of often being irreverent in many of their film choices.

No plan has been announced for a Dale Jr. film, but the idea is not far-fetched, given his father had one.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s life story was depicted in the “The Dale Earnhardt Story” back in 2004. It chronicled his life from humble beginnings in Kannapolis to a career as one of NASCAR’s toughest drivers. He died on the track in a crash at the 2001 Daytona 500.

Fans of Dale Jr had their own ideas of who could play the soon-to-retire driver, including country singer Blake Shelton, “American Sniper” star Bradley Cooper, Mathew McConaughey and comedian Will Ferrell, who memorably played a somewhat crazy NASCAR driver in “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.”

The idea of Rock playing the driver go more support than one might expect, but some fans settled on the idea of different actors playing Earnhardt at different parts of his career.

“I think Steve Buscemi could play early years Dale, Nick Cage for the boss man years, and Chris Rock for golden years. You're welcome,” tweeted Ryan Smith of Kansas City.