Police: Wheels stolen from car at Charlotte Douglas airport parking lot

Jennifer Hancock Ivenco, a Delta flight attendant, said two tires and wheels were stolen from her Honda Fit.
Jennifer Hancock Ivenco, a Delta flight attendant, said two tires and wheels were stolen from her Honda Fit. COURTESY OF JENNIFER IVENCO

Two wheels from an airline employee’s car were stolen in a parking lot at Charlotte Douglas International Airport last week, according to a police report.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police reported that Jennifer Hancock Ivenco, 40, told police Saturday afternoon that she returned to her car after leaving it for the week and discovered two tires and wheels had been stolen.

Ivenco, who is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, said the thieves apparently used a rock to hold the car off the ground, causing more damage.

“I know of another flight attendant with the exact same car that had her tires stolen the same day,” she said.

Ivenco, who drives a 2012 white Honda Fit, said the tires are smaller than those on other cars and, because they’re specialized, are more expensive. News reports in other cities suggest the Honda Fit wheels can be popular with thieves.

A police report was not immediately available for anyone else who had been a victim of theft from motor vehicle in the parking lot. Ivenco said police were unable to get in touch with the other woman because she was flying.

Ivenco, who has worked as a flight attendant for 17 years, said she was told by airport officials that the airport has parking security, and that authorities check on the parking lot every hour.

“We are aware of the very recent tire thefts in the employee lot and are working closely with CMPD, who provides law enforcement at the airport, as they continue the investigation,” a statement released by the airport said. “The airport has enhanced security measures, and recently, the airport, in cooperation with CMPD, initiated a Crime Stoppers program. The airport is also looking at implementing additional security measures.”

Ivenco said a scan card is typically used to access the parking lot, but the gate arm is short enough that someone could drive around it.

She said employee parking at the Atlanta airport is more secure because employees there must have a scan card, and the car itself is also scanned before the gate will open.

The Huntersville resident said she doesn’t plan to park her car in the lot again. Instead, she said she plans to do what her husband, a US Airways employee, does. He takes the CATS bus regularly to the airport.