Man at NC nursing home accused of killing fellow resident

Anson Health and Rehabilitation in Wadesboro, North Carolina.
Anson Health and Rehabilitation in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

A nursing home resident is accused of killing another resident at Anson Health and Rehabilitation in Wadesboro.

On Aug. 14, police were called to a report of an assault at the nursing home. A resident, 50-year-old Donald Pressley had “jumped” another resident, 89-year-old William Hooks, police said.

Hooks was taken to Anson Community Hospital for his injuries. Pressley was also taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

Hooks died Thursday from his injuries.

Pressley was then charged with first-degree murder and was taken to the Anson County Jail.

No further information has been released.

Neighbors living across the street from the nursing home said they were shocked to learn about what had happened.

“I said ‘Oh my lord,’ ” explained neighbor Eva Diggs.

She said she had lived near the facility for several years and it’s usually “pretty quiet.”

State records found online show that the facility had been subject to complaint inspections in years past.