Panthers Kuechly, McCaffrey team up for a cookie baking commercial

Luke Kuechly in the kitchen, burning his cookies.
Luke Kuechly in the kitchen, burning his cookies. CPI

It didn’t take long for new Carolina Panthers star Christian McCaffrey to start appearing in local commercials.

He made his debut in a new spot for CPI Security, co-staring with teammate Luke Kuechly.

The commercial, released in August, pokes fun at Kuechly’s image as the team’s Mr. Nice Guy by showing him in the kitchen baking cookies. He’s wearing a custom-made team apron, featuring his No. 59.

Kuechly burns the cookies, of course, prompting CPI security to check in and ask if he needs the fire department.

As the commercial ends, Kuechly is knocking on the door of McCaffery’s home, and handing him a box of cookies.

The joke: The three dozen cookies are all in the shape of a Luke Kuechly gnome, which has become one of the hottest bits of sports memorabilia in the NFL.

Gnomes in the shape of Kuechly have sold for as much as $16,000 in local charity auctions.