SC resident finds Irma left an unwanted gift in home’s fenced-in yard: an alligator

What do you do when there’s an alligator in the neighbor’s yard?
What do you do when there’s an alligator in the neighbor’s yard? jkarr@islandpacket.com

Tropical Storm Irma dumped all kinds of debris around homes, but the most memorable could be the alligator found in a woman’s fenced-in yard on James Island in South Carolina.

A photo of the alligator — lounging passively in the water-logged grass — caught the attention of Twitter on Monday, and quickly made news.

It was one of at least two alligators found roaming yards in South Carolina after the storm, the state reports.

“Help. My friend has an alligator in her yard. It's fenced in,” said a tweet from Ryan Nelson, of South Carolina.

The Charleston Post & Courier wrote about the trapped alligator Tuesday. State wildlife officials advised the unlucky resident to keep kids and dogs in the house “and see if the gator makes its way out of the yard by itself.”

State wildlife officials say a 7-to-8-foot alligator was also found in someone’s yard on St. Helena Island. An alligator control agent came and relocated the alligator, state officials said.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said Wednesday that it typically does not send officers to nuisance alligator calls, unless there’s an immediate public threat. Instead, the department calls private-sector specialists to remove the animals from yards and homes, a spokesman said.

It was unclear Wednesday if the alligator found in someone’s yard on James Island decided to leave on its own, or was forced out.

Social media response included advice for the homeowner to lure the alligator out with a chicken tied to a stick...or to shoot it. “Alligator tails are good eatin’,” said one Facebook post.

More interesting alligator sights in the Carolinas

An orange alligator was spotted in Hanahan, S.C. Josh Zalabak at the South Carolina Aquarium says his orange color is not natural, and it might be caused by a variety of factors. In the meanwhile, neighbors have dubbed the him the "Trump-A-Gator."

These huge alligators were all harvested right here in the waters of the Lowcountry during past alligator hunting seasons by customers of the Red Bluff Lodge and the owner and professional guide Jim Boone.

Shatrina Green of Conway, SC, said she heard a thump at her door the evening of May 8 she thought was her dog. She was unpleasantly surprised to see an 8-foot alligator, longer than her door, spread out on her front porch.