Someone stole 3 pig statues from Cornelius. The town hopes someone will squeal.

Anybody seen these pigs? Cornelius wants them back.
Anybody seen these pigs? Cornelius wants them back. Facebook

The town of Cornelius is looking for three pig statues that were stolen from the town’s Bailey Road Park.

“No ransom note!” said a Facebook post from the Cornelius Police.

The pigs, which are valued at $5,000 total, were reported missing in a Facebook post on Monday by the Cornelius Department of Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture. The pigs are made of Fiberglass re-enforced concrete, and each one weighs a couple hundred pounds.

Troy Fitzsimmons, head of the parks department, said the pigs disappeared last Thursday from a new farm-themed playground at the park. A witness saw the thieves (two men) driving a truck into the park, and believed they were town employees, he said. They also took a $2,000 outdoor tool chest, he said.

The police department has a photo of the truck entering the park, Fitzsimmons said.

“The playground is still under construction, so they (the pigs) were not yet bolted down,” said Fitzsimmons. “It’s devastating that someone would steal them. If we can’t recover them, we’ll have to get them replaced, and it’s not something I can run to Toys R Us and pick up.”

It’s a quirky crime, so the department took a quirky approach in seeking tips, announcing the theft via a poem on Facebook. Among the verses: “CPD is on the trail, to take these pig thieves straight to jail. Help us out and spread the word, because stealing town property is absurd.”

Social media response has included speculation the theft may have been a prank.

“Probably show up on eBay, or out front of some low-end BBQ joint,” posted former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Lou Johnson on Facebook.

“I seriously have to wonder why they would take these and what the plan is for them,” added Jennifer Louise Blair of Charlotte.

Tipsters can call the Cornelius Police Department at 704-892-7773.

Here’s the poem:

Little Pigs are M.I.A

Stolen from P.A.R.C the other day

From Bailey Road, these pigs were taken

But they won’t make you any bacon

So CPD is on the trail

To take these pig thieves straight to jail

Help us out and spread the word

Because stealing Town property is absurd

From this photo you can see

How big and bulky are these three

They are black and gray and sitting on rocks

Perhaps you have seen them on your block

Call us if you have a tip

So we can solve this lickety-split!