Video capturing pony-tailed flower thief red handed enthralls small NC town

The flower pot thief plucks her choice off the porch of a home in Cornelius.
The flower pot thief plucks her choice off the porch of a home in Cornelius. Cornelius Police Department

The Cornelius Police Department posted a 42-second video of someone stealing a pot of flowers off a porch and it is fast becoming one of the small town’s most popular forms of entertainment.

It was posted Tuesday on Facebook and within 18 hours had 6,700 views. That’s a quarter of the town’s population.

Investigators want tips to help identity the thief, who appears to be a nicely dressed blonde in her 30s, with a pony tail.

In the video, she calmly exits a vehicle at the curb, walks up the well-lit sidewalk to the porch, bends over to pick up a pot of flowers, then saunters back to the vehicle.

There’s more.

After she’s safely in the vehicle, a passenger emerges — wearing a full-length black leg brace. She hobbles to the side of the porch, points a flash light into the camera, then hobbles back in the car’s passenger side.

It happened at 8:25 p.m. Sunday in the Alexander Chase community and the two women were in a white sedan, police said.

It’s not the first larceny case being investigated in the neighborhood, investigators said. Tipsters can call the department at 704-892-7773.

Fans of the Facebook video have vowed to help find the pair.

“Blonde with long pony tail? I hope they find the thief and her accomplice,” posted Sandy Short-Steiss of Charlotte.

“This is a small town, we will find the leg brace lady soon!” posted Kristine Kokoszka.

“I will say, it does look like she’s wearing a LuLaRoe Carly dress,” wrote Brooke Trogdon of Cornelius.