A Japanese TV show crew tried to capture NC’s Lake Norman Monster

These are the hosts of that Japanese TV show that tried to capture the Lake Norman monster, according to Twitter.
These are the hosts of that Japanese TV show that tried to capture the Lake Norman monster, according to Twitter. Lake Norman Monster Twitter page

Proof has been elusive that a dinosaur-like monster lurks in the waters of North Carolina’s Lake Norman, but that didn’t stop a Japanese film crew from visiting the lake on a three-day hunting expedition.

The crew represented a Japanese TV show called “What’s This – Mysteries From Around the World,” and their goal was to catch the creature, or at the least, get a glimpse of it, according to a Twitter page for the Lake Norman Monster.

They were on the lake Sept. 21, 22 and 23, and the visit included interviews with people who live in the area, according to reports.

Lake Norman’s Herald Weekly wrote this week that the crew was accompanied by a fishing guide and an experienced diver and investigator from the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office.

They did not capture the creature as hoped, said writer Craig Price, who reported being part of the expedition. However, he said the crew hooked something on a 250-pound fishing line that “we all agreed was a creature much larger than any catfish that could exist in Lake Norman.”

The line snapped “with a loud crack” and the creature got away, reported Price. It had been baited with a chicken, he wrote.

There has been an ongoing series of “monster” sightings on the man-made lake dating back 50 years.

The latest sighting was reported in July on the website CryptoZoology.com. A 35-year-old Mecklenburg County man told CryptoZoology he spotted a “dinosaur-like creature” while traveling on a boat with friends.

A website called LakeNormanMonster.com allows people to post their sightings.

Most describe the creature, called Normie, as looking like the famed Loch Ness monster that allegedly inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

The website UnknownExplorers.com notes there is no physical evidence to support the existence of a monster living in Lake Norman. The site speculates the sightings could involve a giant catfish or alligator gar.

“Descriptions of Normie vary from sighting to sighting, and range from a crocodilian like creature to the more classic three humped serpent,” UnknownExplorers.com states. “Most that have seen the Lake Norman Monster seem to agree that the beast is more fish like, with a slender body, thick whisker like appendages, flippers and a ragged looking dorsal fin.”