Fort Bragg Facebook post of 2 kids in blackface for Halloween prompts apologies

Facebook screen shot of removed photo.
Facebook screen shot of removed photo.

A Facebook post out of Fort Bragg that featured two children in blackface makeup and being strung up like puppets has prompted an apology from the military site’s family support program.

The photo appeared on social media as part of a Halloween event promoted by Fort Bragg’s Family and Morale, Welfare, Recreational support group.

It has since been removed and an apology has been issued: “Fort Bragg Family and MWR was made aware of a recent Facebook photo that was offensive and should not have been posted. The photo...does not represent the views of our organization. We sincerely apologize for any offense caused and will work to ensure this does not happen again.”

The woman featured in the photo, who remains unnamed, also apologized over the weekend, reported Spectrum news of Central North Carolina. She told the station the photo wast taken at a Halloween event in 2016 and was and not intended to be offensive, Spectrum reported. She added that one of her two children featured in the photo is interracial.

One critic of the photo, James Pearson, told TV station WTVD “It’s sending the wrong message to kids.”

Genessa Bingham, whose father is deployed overseas, told WTVD: “I think it's disgusting...You know, segregation wasn't that long ago. My dad is African American.”

The photo was intended to promote a “Spooktacular Halloween party” later this month. A caption urged those planning to attend the event to get their costumes ready.

Reaction on the MWR Facebook page also included people who felt an apology was unnecessary.

“Disappointed in you MWR, for posting their picture and then leaving them hanging like they did something wrong!” Elisa Pruden wrote on Facebook.

“Fort Bragg MWR... you should be ashamed for entertaining such ludicrous allegations,” Justine Marie posted on the agency’s Facebook page. “As a veteran, I'm appalled at MWR. Even if some ignorant people found offense where none should be had, there's this thing called the 1st amendment which military personnel fight for for ALL people.”