Facebook video shows NC nurse climbing cliff into work during storm to deliver babies

An Ashe County nurse is winning praise on social media for not letting Monday’s torrential rain and winds stop her from delivering two babies.

A video posted on Facebook Monday around 8 p.m. shows Maggie McNeill hiking up a rock ledge to the highway in the dark, after rains flooded out the bridge to her home in Grassy Creek. The only way out was to hike.

The video was posted by her husband, Todd McNeill, who proclaimed on social media: “My wife is awesome...seriously awesome!”

In the video, Maggie McNeill is shown with a backpack, climbing through trees and over rocks in the dark. The video had been viewed more than 7,000 times in 12 hours.

“There goes my wife, into work at night, because two women are in labor in our small town hospital,” Todd McNeill narrates on the video. “The water is over the bridge on our road and has washed logs up on top of it. She’s climbing a rock cliff to get up there to the highway where she’s going to catch a ride to town and deliver Ashe County’s two newest citizens. Isn’t she awesome?”

The storm that blew through the western North Carolina Monday afternoon caused flash flooding, heavy wind damage and was believed to have caused tornadoes in two counties. On Tuesday morning, 30,000 people in western North Carolina were without power and several school districts had canceled or delayed classes due to damage to roads. No fatalities had been reported.

Maggie McNeill is a nurse at Ashe County Memorial Hospital. She is also a mother of four herself.

“We are a small hospital and my coworkers are my family,” Maggie McNeill told the Observer’s news partner WBTV. “I can’t stand the thought of leaving them in a bad spot! I think they’d all do the same if the roles were reversed.”

Video of her late night hike drew praise on social media from both strangers and friends. Some suggested the babies be named Maggie, if they were girls.

“Seriously, there ought to be a superhero named Maggie!” posted Lisa Michelle of Randleman.

“That’s just how wonderful she is!” posted Charlotte Caddell Thompson of Beaver Creek. “And that momma will tell the story to her child one day: “On the night you were born, it stormed and flooded and your nurse climbed a rock mountain to get to your delivery.”

Some Facebook comments also lauded Todd McNeill for sharing the video.

“Yes, she is awesome. But so are you for sharing this and bragging on her. I can hear in your voice how proud you are. It made me smile,” posted Daphne Trees on Facebook.

A neighbor of the McNeills, Randy Jones, noted how dangerous the climbing could be around Helton Creek. “I have done it several times you really need climbing gear, but you do what’s you gotta do,” he posted on Facebook.