Panthers Graham Gano does crazy ball trick on national TV and social media is in awe

How do you stomp a football and make it fly into the hands of a waiting ref?

That’s the question football fans were asking on social media Monday, after a 7-second clip was posted on Twitter showing Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano doing that trick during Sunday’s victory over Tampa Bay.

In the clip, Gano walks up to the ball, stomps it with one foot, and it spins upward into the hands of a waiting referee. Then Gano turns to walk away, as if it was no big deal.

The clip was tweeted out by Mike Solarte of Spectrum News in Charlotte. Graham Gano retweeted it, as did the Carolina Panthers. It has since gotten thousands of likes, comments and retweets.

Retired NFL punter and podcaster Pat McAfee tweeted out that it was “absolutely incredible stuff.”

Some dubbed it the “coolest kicker trick ever,” while others likened it to the rugby footwork seen in the English Premier League. (Gano was born in Arbroath, Scotland, as part of a military family.)

“Bucs fan here that was at the game, so saw that move live and in person! And yes, it was the highlight of the day for me!” tweeted Scott Rairigh.

“Can you post a how to?” tweeted another fan. “It’s like a David Copperfield skit.”

“Imagine kids today all across America,” posted Tim Peebles.

“Graham Gano is the coolest,” said Greg Hardy on Twitter.

Gano responded with a sense of humor.

“Good for the brand?” Gano tweeted.