NC man was covered in glitter, wearing a Care Bear suit, driving a moped at 4 a.m.

Grumpy Care Bear hood
Grumpy Care Bear hood

A North Carolina man covered in glitter and dressed as one of the Care Bears was charged with drunk driving just before 4 a.m. Saturday in Morganton, according to Morganton Police.

The man, identified as Keith William Hurley, 39, was on a moped at the time, police say.

He was stopped after an officer noticed the moped was operating without lights, said a police report.

Officer E.W. Connor of the Morganton Police Department said the incident happened at 3:49 a.m. Saturday, when he spotted a man in a light blue fleece onesie and a black helmet driving a moped on West Union Street.

The officer turned his vehicle around to catch up with Hurley and spotted him minutes later in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church, according to a police report. There, Connor says, he saw Hurley standing next to the moped “digging underneath his seat.”

Hurley told the officer he was on his way home from work at a local restaurant. He also admitted under questioning that he knew the moped’s lights didn’t work, but had attached a flashlight to the front of the vehicle to compensate, says the report.

“I noticed the light blue onesie was a Grumpy Care Bear costume. The … costume was unzipped almost to his waist area, and I noticed he had glitter on his face and chest,” Conner said in his report. “This drew my attention, because I thought it was sweat. I asked Hurley where he was coming from and he reported he was coming from work … (where) they were doing Trick or Treat events. … As I was speaking with Hurley, I detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage and noticed he had red glassy eyes.”

Hurley consented to a standard field sobriety test and did “poorly,” Connor’s report said. Hurley was arrested and later charged with driving while intoxicated and given a $1,000 bond, the report said.