Wrestling star Ric Flair pulls signed copies of sex ‘contract’ from store

Just when wrestling fans thought they knew everything about Ric Flair’s crazy past, news comes that he had a sexual consent contract for women who wanted to engage in intimate activity during dates with him.

It’s called “The WOOOOO Compromise,” and Flair was reportedly selling $50 autographed copies of the form as a Valentine’s Day gimmick – until the WWE asked him to stop. The contract does not appear for sale on his website, and media outlets are reporting all of Flair’s tweets referring to it have been deleted.

“I’m told by sources that he meant well, but was asked by people within WWE to take it down,” according to a tweet from Wrestling Sheet editor Ryan Satin.

Some critics noted on social media that the contract was in “bad taste,” given the ongoing #MeToo movement and growing number of sexual harassment cases against high profile politicians, actors, athletes and media figures across the country.

Flair has not commented on the issue, but TheSporster.com reported the WWE caught wind of his tweets and felt the contract conflicted with “the PG nature of the WWE.”

Flair, a former Charlottean, is famous for his over-the-top wrestling personality and braggadocio that included referring to his love making as “a ride on Space Mountain.” That phrase that can still be found on Flair’s souvenir tee-shirts. The contract harkened back to days when the WWE and its cast of wrestling characters were known for pushing the limits of good taste.

A tweet credited to Flair promoted the contract and joked “responsibility and fun go hand in hand!”

The contract read as follows, according to 411Mania:

“By Signing This Compromise, both parties involved agree to ride Space Mountain and engage in sexual relations on this night. This contract adheres to guidelines of informed consent, and both people in the relationship must be present and not in an intoxicated state before signing. No party shall be pressured or persuaded into something that they do no want to do, and they reserve the right to terminate the contract if need be. This contract has the signed and sealed approval of The Nature Boy Ric Flair, who has taken many women for a ride on Space Mountain, and has the utmost respect for women.”

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