Latest on BB&T outage that drove customers crazy. Many still angry.


BB&T says its systems “have substantially recovered” after an outage Thursday afternoon kept millions of customers from accessing their accounts online and getting their money from ATMs.

ATMs are working again and the automated Phone24 customer service has been working since late Friday. However, individual account updates were still processing, officials said.

“BB&T’s systems have substantially recovered and we continue to make significant progress,” said a statement from the bank. “As our systems continue to recover, please be aware your account information may only reflect transactions made through Thursday night. Our systems are still processing updates, and we expect your account information to become current later (Saturday).”

The bank says it will waive or reimburse fees customers incurred related to the outage.

Bank officials continue to say they believe the outage was not related to cybersecurity.

“The outage was caused by an equipment malfunction in one of BB&T’s data centers. We are carefully reviewing the cause of this issue and taking steps to make sure this doesn't occur again in the future,” said a statement from bank officials.

The lack of specifics on the outage infuriated customers Thursday and Friday, and prompted many customers to take their frustration out on social media. The bank began responding to questions on Facebook over the weekend, but still did not provide specifics. Some customers complained they were being charged twice for things, as systems came back on, and calls to the bank had them on hold for 30 minutes.

“Both my checks are still pending and I am now negative in my account,” posted Christopher John Hendershot‏ on the bank’s Facebook account. “I had a trip planned for this weekend which I had to cancel. What's worse than all of this is the fact that we as customers are given no ETA as to when we are going to get our money. This to me is unacceptable.”

“Lies...my daughter’s account is still not updated. Her income tax refund missing. No answer about when her account will be fixed. Very sketchy. I feel a complaint to oversight agencies is in order,” posted Phyllis Moser‏.