When 60,000 pounds of Busch cans spill, everyone wants to help with the cleanup

A semi carrying Busch beer spilled its cargo after a wreck on I-10 Westbound. No one was hurt.
A semi carrying Busch beer spilled its cargo after a wreck on I-10 Westbound. No one was hurt.

A South Carolina man is being blamed for – or credited with – with spilling 60,000 pounds of Busch beer on a Florida interstate, prompting countless “open container,” “happy hour” and “alcohol-involved accident” puns on social media.

It happened at 2:40 a.m. Wednesday, when a tractor-trailer flipped in the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 in Okaloosa County, reported the sheriff’s department. It happened near the Florida panhandle town of Holt, media outlets reported.

“Thankfully only minor injuries, which were treated on scene. But the beer didn’t fare so well,” said a statement from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The driver was identified as Michael Nolan Powell, 44, of Simpsonville, S.C., just south of Greenville, reported WPLG.

Powell told the Florida Highway Patrol he lost control of the vehicle and it came to rest on its side, throwing the beer out onto the side of the road. He walked away with minor injuries and was cited for careless driving, reported WEAR-TV.

A note about the crash on the Okaloosa County Sheriff Office Facebook page drew 400 comments and was shared nearly 1,300 times on Wednesday, including by a lot of people who volunteered to help with the cleanup.

“I am curious: The driver was cited for careless driving … did he also get a ticket for an open container?” wrote John Sullivan on Facebook.

“In Holt, all deputies had to do was leave for a little while and come back and it would have all been gone,” wrote Michael Pratt on the sheriff’s office Facebook page.

“Spring Break is canceled!” posted Eric Johnson.

“Someone will be crying tonight, obviously not in their beers, but crying none the less,” wrote Debbi Cobb.