Men with red-stained crotches will protest circumcision in Charlotte this weekend

A group known as Bloodstained Men & Their Friends will protest circumcision in Charlotte Saturday at Sharon and Fairview roads.
A group known as Bloodstained Men & Their Friends will protest circumcision in Charlotte Saturday at Sharon and Fairview roads.

An 18-day "protest tour" of the Carolinas will kick off in Charlotte this weekend, targeting circumcision of male children.

A group called Bloodstained Men & Their Friends intends to visit 17 cities in the Carolinas during the tour, starting 10 a.m. Saturday maybe add in the SouthPark area? at the intersection of Sharon and Fairview roads.

A second Charlotte protest is scheduled April 10, in the heart of uptown at Trade and Tryon streets.

Media outlets in other cities reported the protests included men and women dressed completely in white with blood stained crotches. They typically wave red-stained signs at passing motorists noting "foreskin is not a birth defect," among other things.

"No one should alter the body of an unconsenting person without acute medical need," says a statement from the group.

"The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees equal protection of the law to all citizens of this country. Despite this, under the false rubric of preventative medicine, 3,000 baby boys lose their basic human right to an intact body every day in America."

Bloodstained Men says healthcare profits and lack of understanding keep routine circumcision alive in the U.S., even as other countries shun the practice. The World Health Organization estimates that the overall male circumcision rate in the states is somewhere between 76 and 92 percent compared to less than 20 percent in Western European countries, as reported by the Washington Post.

The group says its mission is to educate Americans about the risks and harms of genital cutting. “Most parents have no idea what they put their babies through,” says Brother K, co-director of Bloodstained Men & Their Friends.

Organizers of the Charlotte event say Carolinians will be "peacefully confronted by activists" including men speaking out about what was done to their penis before they could defend themselves. All are welcome at the protests, which have been known to draw dozens of people, says the group.

Bloodstained Men & Their Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving victims of genital cutting a voice and educating Americans about the harms of infant circumcision and the importance of the foreskin.

The full schedule can be found on the Facebook event page.

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