Woman finds a deer stuck in a neighborhood storm drain. How it got there is weird.

Concord Public Safety posted this photo of the doe trapped in one of the town's storm drains on Friday.
Concord Public Safety posted this photo of the doe trapped in one of the town's storm drains on Friday.

Deer can now be added to the growing list of animals that have turned up trapped in storm drains around Charlotte.

The Concord Public Safety department says it learned of the situation on Friday, and posted photos of the awkward rescue on Facebook. Concord is 25 miles north of Charlotte.

How the deer got in a neighborhood storm drain is something of a mystery, but officials don't believe it fell in or was washed in by a flood of rain.

They think it crawled, yes, crawled through a culvert and got stuck. A series of cuts and scrapes on the animal's back suggests it was not an easy trip to make.

The department learned of the deer's predicament on Friday, after a woman passed the storm drain and noticed her dog "acting odd," reported TV station WFMY.

It's not clear how long the deer had been stuck, officials said.

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The fire department's Rescue 3 unit sent a man down into the drain and the doe was strapped with safety lines and hoisted out up, said the department's Facebook post.

It was later released into nearby woods, officials said. The doe suffered "only minor cuts and injuries," officials said.

Local fire and police departments have rescued ducks, kittens and even dogs from storm drains in recent months. Most of the animals are believed to have fallen into the drains.

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