SC pit bull terriers become stars after 10 million watch their adorable bath time video

SC couple makes bath time fun for dogs with Bath Buddy

This device sticks to the inside of the bath tub and helps dogs that are afraid of taking a bath.
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This device sticks to the inside of the bath tub and helps dogs that are afraid of taking a bath.

They saw a video of a woman smearing peanut butter directly onto the wall of her shower, and figured there had to be a better way.

It was a less-than-sanitary tactic, they thought, to distract a dog during bath time.

So the South Carolina-based couple got to work to design a better solution. After a few trips to the craft store and some experimenting with their own dogs, pit bull terriers Gia and Napoleon, the K9 Bath Buddy was born.

Now, a month and a half later, Rob and Megan Hoover have a bustling new business and a viral Facebook video that was viewed over 12 million times in two weeks.

"It’s been totally surprising and definitely a shock," said Rob Hoover.

The Bath Buddy is a piece of rubber in the shape of a paw print. Just cover it with peanut butter and stick to the side of your shower or tub. Dogs, distracted by the snack, can lick away while owners give them a bath.

“We figured if it works for our extremely stubborn dogs, then maybe we should get it out to the world,” Hoover said.

The Hoovers advertised the Bath Buddy in a video that featured their own two pit bull terriers. It was picked up by AOL’s "In the Know Delights" and went viral.

It has generated plenty of online discussion. Some users have commented that it would be easier to just spread peanut butter on the wall of their shower, but others praise the Bath Buddy as a genius idea and a sound investment.

"My daughter sent me the link for this as a joke because she knows first hand how hard it was to brush (my dog), never thinking I would buy it," a Facebook user said. "Joke is on all the people with the negative comments."

The Bath Buddy launched on Amazon on Monday. It's $34.99 for two paws or $19.99 for one.

The success has "kind of taken over our lives," Rob Hoover said, but at some point, they hope to create more products for pup lovers.

Some viewers have asked the Hoovers to consider more than just canines.

“People ask when we’re going to make one for cats.” Hoover said. “We had no idea people even washed cats.”