Who caught the baby tossed from a blazing home? A mystery grows in South Carolina

Baby is caught after being thrown from a burning building in Anderson, South Carolina

Video shows a former Marine caught a baby after the mother throws it from a burning apartment building.
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Video shows a former Marine caught a baby after the mother throws it from a burning apartment building.

Dramatic cellphone video of a ball-cap-wearing man catching a baby dropped from a burning second-floor apartment has ignited something of a mystery in Anderson, South Carolina.

The 8-second video has gotten thousands of views on Facebook, yet media outlets around the world have yet to ferret out the name of the hero.

Even local news outlets have failed, with WHNS reporting only: “The man...didn't want any praise for the incident, however, one firefighter shook his hand and thanked him.”

The video shows the guy's catch being carried out with a roaring fire in the background, shooting out the window of an adjacent apartment.

Reaction to the video praises the guy as a hero, including some who believe he's a former Marine. That detail is unsubstantiated.

"Thank God he was there," posted Robbi Garrett Perry on Facebook.

"God placing the right person at the right place at the right time!" wrote Yvonne Marie Oubre Smith on Facebook. "What are the chances of a strong Marine being right there at that very moment to catch that baby?"

The baby is just 11 months old and was dropped out by his mother, media outlets are reporting.

TV station WSPA says the young mother had been unable to get down the stairs of her apartment fast enough and ended up trapped.

She dropped the baby into the arms of “a neighbor,” the station reported. A witness told TV station WYFF the mother then jumped out of the window herself, but it did not say whether she was also caught or landed in the bushes.

The baby suffered bruises and scratches, after brushing the tops of some bushes during the fall, reported WHNS.

Multiple fire trucks and EMS vehicles responded to the fire, after it was reported some tenants were trapped, reported WHNS. One person was hospitalized, the station reported.

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