Multiple family-owned businesses on Park Road, South Boulevard have windows smashed

As many residents spent Christmas with family and friends, some store owners in South Charlotte spent the holiday cleaning up their businesses.

They say they fell victim to a string of break-ins, some happened as recently as Christmas Eve.

The stores are all locally-owned and are along South Boulevard and Park Road.

Brawley’s Beverages store owner said he left his young daughter as they were celebrating Christmas to come and see what happened to his business.

“It was kinda disappointing because normally we spend Christmas together but he had to stay there a long time,” said Piper Brawley, his 8-year-old daughter.

Brawley’s Beverages has been in the family since Piper’s dad Michael started it in 2003. Early Christmas morning, he got a call his business had been robbed.

“A bit of a downer because I had to leave my daughter,” said Michael Brawley.

When Brawley got to his store, the glass from this window pane was scattered along the ground. The same thing happened to Pasta Provisions next door.

“They’re good friends of ours and they were broken into last week. Then they came back and hit us on the way out,” said Brawley.

And yet another hit around the corner at Mad Greek Café on South Boulevard.

“In the last 6 months they’ve done it twice,” said Brostols Limberakis, owner of Mad Greek.

He moved here from Greece and has been serving up famous gyros in Charlotte for 27 years. He says the break-ins have cost him thousands.

“They didn’t take a great deal of money, but they did take away our Christmas morning,” said Brawley.

In spite of the breakins, Brawleys was open for Christmas.

CMPD says so far no arrests in any of the cases. All are active investigations.

Anyone with information in any of these cases is asked to call Crime Stoppers.