Video: Searching for sharks off the North Carolina coast

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What we found when searching for sharks off North Carolina

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Despite an uptick in shark attacks on the coast of the Carolinas – eight confirmed this summer in N.C. alone – Ali Rizvi, a McClatchy videojournalist, didn’t find a single shark when he went out on a shark tagging expedition.

On the tagging expedition in Beaufort, the team did turn up a stingray that was missing its tail, which could be a sign that the stingray did encounter a shark. But the sharks themselves, if they were in the water, weren’t taking the researchers’ bait.

Experts in the video say the increase in attacks doesn’t necessarily mean there are more sharks in the water, and not finding any sharks on the expedition doesn’t mean the sharks aren’t there. Anytime you go in the water, you could be swimming very close to a shark. But that shark might swim right past you without you even noticing.

But there are several theories and explanations for the increase in shark attacks in the Carolinas.