Police shoot charging pit bull outside Rock Hill home

Staff report

A pit bull was euthanized this weekend after a Rock Hill officer shot the unleashed animal outside a home on Westover Circle.

A 90-year-old woman called police to her house Friday afternoon when she saw two large pit bulls on her front porch, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Police said the caller was “scared and afraid to step out of her house.”

The dogs were in another yard by the time police arrived.

Police entered the driveway when a “very large pit bull began charging toward him.” The dog bypassed him and ran toward another officer in the woman’s yard. That officer kicked the animal in the face, but then it leaped toward him with its “mouth open to bite,” the report states.

The officer shot the pit bull in the face. Animal Control took possession of the dog to be euthanized.

The pit bull’s owner was cited with violation of dog ordinance.