Chester couple claims $5 million SC Mega Millions lottery prize

Staff report

A Chester couple is the biggest winner in the South Carolina’s Mega Millions lottery to date.

The couple on Tuesday cashed in a winning ticket worth $5 million, taking home $3.4 million after taxes.

The couple was not identified by lottery officials but said, “we haven’t slept much.” They also told lottery officials they have not told their children yet.

The couple, a boyfriend and girlfriend, discovered they won Saturday. The man was bringing in the groceries when he heard his girlfriend scream, “You won! You won!”

“I had her read off the numbers one at a time,” he said, recognizing 17, 41, 51, 53, and 56 as the numbers he’s played for years. “It took a while to sink in.”

The lottery ticket, bought at the Kangaroo Express at 1801 JA Cochran Bypass, is the third million dollar ticket sold in Chester. In January of 2015 and October of 2005 Powerball players in Chester won $1 million.

As for the recent millionaires, they are paying off their house and plan to enjoy life.

“This sounds funny,” the boyfriend said, “But I had a feeling I was going to win.”

The odds of winning $1 million playing Mega Millions are about 1 in 18 million and the odds of getting a 5X multiplier are 1 in 2.5.

The Kangaroo Express received a $50,000 commission for selling the winning ticket.