Carolinians react to legislature’s expected vote on LGBT rights

I’m a disabled combat veteran and they have made me feel like a second class citizen. It feels like they stole my soul and took away everything I worked for all my life. Every thing snatched away. I feel lost.

N.C. Democratic party official and transgender woman Janice Covington Allison

The legislature is correct in addressing Charlotte’s misguided bathroom ordinance, especially the safety and protection of children and inevitable predicament law enforcement will find themselves in when trying to enforce this policy.

US Rep. Robert Pittenger

LGBTQ Charlotteans and North Carolinians are less safe today because of the Legislature’s actions. All residents of Charlotte, all North Carolinians and out-of-state visitors to events like Charlotte Pride’s annual festival and parade deserve full protection from discrimination in public accommodations like restaurants, bars, hotels and other spaces. This bill will hurt our people, our economy and our city’s and state’s reputation.

Matt Comer, Charlotte Pride board member

I’m disappointed that the General Assembly doesn’t seem to be interested in protecting all of its citizens. If they’re really interested in protecting children, maybe they should look at Pre-K education … and adequately funding our public schools.

John Autry, Charlotte City Council member who voted for the ordinance

We have a city that’s a global city and as a global city we need to be inclusive. And I think that’s what this ordinance was trying to do. People have hijacked one portion of it dealing with bathrooms and made a bigger issue than it needed to be.

Al Austin, Charlotte City Council member who voted for the ordinance

I think it is sending us back in time, re-instating how the South is thought of as being backwards. It’s embarrassing, and despicable.

Wesley Mancini, Charlotte fabric and rug designer