Meck commissioner slams CMS student performance at board meeting

Bill James, Mecklenburg County commissioner
Bill James, Mecklenburg County commissioner Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James took to Twitter to criticize students performing skits for commissioners Wednesday night during a report on child fatality prevention.

Several Northwest School of the Arts students did brief skits on teen driving and on suicide, at times shouting during the performance. It was part of the board’s update on the annual child fatality prevention and protection team.

In one tweet during the meeting, James wrote, “I have zero interest in arts presentations that attempt to yell and scream at the @meckcounty #meckbocc.”

That was followed by, “I am tired of being yelled at,” then, “There is a reason there is a dais and a place to speak. No theatre in the round at @MeckCounty #meckbocc meeting. This isn’t Berkeley.”

Not all commissioners shared his disdain. Commissioner Dumont Clarke called it “a moving experience,” and when Commissioner Vilma Leake commended the students, all of the commissioners applauded, even James.

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