Pass the deodorant: Charlotte named nation’s sweatiest city


North Carolina is apparently a pretty sweaty state.

A recent study bestowed the Queen City with the title “Sweatiest City in America.” Raleigh came in second.

The annual study by Ted Myatt from the University of Rhode Island is sponsored by Honeywell Fans. Myatt used atmospheric data to determine hotspots across the country. The report also considered proximity to large bodies of water, the amount of athletics in a region and other factors that generally lead to sweat.

Myatt said that Charlotte scored 24th for highest temperature, first in fitness centers and seventh in sporting facilities. He said it was the fitness centers that gave Charlotte its sweaty edge.

The heat is reflected in local spending: The midtown Target reported a substantial increase in the amount of deodorant sold during the summer months.

Myatt attended Duke and has spent some time in the Charlotte heat. “It is really hot there,” he said.

Ryan Boyles, the state climatologist, said that the last two weeks in Charlotte have been the 10th hottest since 1939. This is worsened by Charlotte’s urban heat island, which increases the temperature due to the sun’s energy not being absorbed into plants or water vapor.

And then there is the humidity.

The summer heat has not stopped people from attending the Charlotte Knights, as they were the first minor league team this season to welcome 200,000 fans by May.

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