CMS employee assaulted by students says she was told she no longer has a job


A former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) employee believes she’s not allowed to work because of a fight caught on camera between her and several students. Sources told WBTV her position was already not going to be renewed.

The scuffle between Annette Albright and several students at Harding University High School happened just two weeks ago. Albright said Thursday she got a call from CMS, and was told she was no longer employed with school system.

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“I was just shocked,” Albright said. “I was absolutely floored.”

She said she didn’t see it coming and doesn’t understand why she would lose her job.

“Now to know that I lost my job for doing my job, it’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable,” Albright said.

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Sources told WBTV that Albright’s position as a behavior modification technician was not going to be renewed anyway. The sources said Albright knew that.

Albright said she thought she’d be working in the school system in some capacity for years to come. She thinks she’s only out of a job because she was caught up in the fray.

“I can’t even watch the video all the way through anymore because I just don’t know how I took the beating that I did,” she said.

Four students were charged in connection to the fight. Albright said she suffered a concussion, and has not been charged.

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She wants CMS to reconsider her employment with the district.

“I think they made the wrong decision, and I think for the CMS employees that are left behind, it is setting a really bad precedent,” Albright said.

WBTV reached out to CMS regarding Albright’s officials employment status with the district, but were told they could not access the employee database after hours.

Albright said she plans on contacting an attorney about the situation.

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