Price's Coop tops in Gourmet

Stop inside Price's Chicken Coop on Camden Road near Uptown and the crackling heat from the fryers is just the same.

But the place just got a little hotter. July's issue of Gourmet, the slick magazine of haute cuisine, includes a rave for Price's.

That makes Gourmet the second national food magazine to discover the joys of the deep-fried chicken in the red-and-white box, after Bon Appetit last summer.

This time, Price's was tapped by Jane and Michael Stern, who are known for their book “ Road Food.”

Their conclusion, under the headline “Birds of Paradise”: “It's the best in North Carolina, maybe the best in the South – and, therefore, the best anywhere.”

What do the people at Price's have to say? Beats us – they can't stop serving the crowd long enough for an interview.

If you're the last person in the world who hasn't been, it's at 1614 Camden Road, it's takeout-only and it's open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Oh, yeah – don't forget to get a side of gizzards.