Walk to raise awareness of childhood obesity

Reducing childhood obesity cases throughout the state is a top priority for David Jones. He will take his message to Raleigh in October.

Jones, a retired state employee, plans to walk 73 miles from Snow Hill to Raleigh during the second week of October and deliver a message to state officials.

“I want to raise awareness that there needs to be more action taken to defeat childhood obesity,” Jones said. He said he hopes state and local officials will help.

Jones walked with Roscoe Holloway, both of Snow Hill, from Snow Hill to Kinston on Saturday to prepare for October's childhood obesity awareness walk.

“Childhood obesity is preventable and reversible,” he said. “What we are lacking is a determination or will to solve it.”

Jones said parents need to be more aware of what their children are eating and be better role models for healthy living.

Three people are expected to walk with Jones in October. Together, they will walk for six days averaging 15 miles a day to Raleigh.