Magazine: QC's in top 10 for gas hogs

Charlotteans are among the nation's worst gas hogs, Men's Health magazine reported recently.

The magazine's latest issue ranked Charlotte 90th of 100 cities, placing it among metropolises “that are driving us to extinction.”

It crunched numbers on gas consumption, miles driven, mass-transit usage, air quality and vehicle efficiency based on the car's size, age and how often they're tuned up.

“It's almost as if the citizens of Charlotte think they're driving on the nearby Lowe's Motor Speedway – the city was in the top 10 percent for most gallons of gas consumed,” deputy editor Matt Marion said. “Charlotte was also pulled down in the rankings by being in the top 20 percent of cities with high ozone days.”

The magazine rankled city officials last year when it said Charlotte has the nation's third-dirtiest drinking water, citing nearly 4,000 Environmental Protection Agency violations over a decade. EPA's online records listed seven.

The magazine ranked the cities 1 through 100, assigning grades as it went.

Seattle led the list of “greenest drivers,” followed by grade-A cities such as Portland, Ore., Madison, Wis., and San Francisco.

Middle-of-the-road Durham, Greensboro, Columbia and Raleigh graded out as Bs and Cs.

Charlotte? We trailed Detroit, Los Angeles and Houston among the magazine's D-list “fossil fools,” topping only places like Tulsa, Okla., and El Paso, Texas.