Design firm helps nonprofits at no charge

Pursuit Design, a local marketing and design company, has been working with 24 nonprofit organizations for free recently. .

“We wanted to really get involved with the community and help out,” said project coordinator Marianne Lyles.

The company offered its branding and marketing services to all local nonprofits. The program is designed to help smaller and newer nonprofits that might not be able to pay for marketing services.

This is the case for local mental health provider 2nd II None.

The Charlotte-based nonprofit has been in business since 2001. The group provides outpatient therapy, community support services and residential treatment programs for adolescents and juveniles.

2nd II None asked Pursuit to create a marketing plan, update its logo and work on new brochures.

“One of the issues we had was not being able to communicate with the community in a way that grabs their attention,” said Federico Rios, the development coordinator for 2nd II None. “We expect this to help a lot and to have a large and quick turnaround.”

The popularity of the program immediately became evident to Kent Youngstrom, Pursuit Design's founder.

Project Pursuit was originally slated to last just one day, but Youngstrom extended it to a week to help all 24 applicants.

The groups that applied for the program include local branches of organizations such as Make-A-Wish foundation and smaller agencies such as the Charlotte Dance Festival.

Nine employees, including Youngstrom, are doing everything from copywriting and print contracting to event planning and media placement.