Shooting suspect found dead in home

A man suspected in the fatal shooting of a bait shop owner was found dead Wednesday on the second floor of a home where he had barricaded himself after shooting at investigators, a state police spokeswoman said.

Darren Winchester was found with a gunshot wound in the chest several hours after deputies say he fired at them while they were investigating the earlier shooting at Cedar Creek Tackle, State Law Enforcement Division spokeswoman Jennifer Timmons said.

None of the deputies was injured, and they were able to return fire. Timmons said investigators have not determined whether Winchester's wound was self-inflicted.

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office staff attorney Tom Holland told The Herald that Winchester was a suspect in the fatal shooting of bait shop owner Ronnie Cairnes Sr.

“There was a history of animosity from Winchester toward Cairnes,” Holland said. “He's threatened his life before and shot in the air around the store.”

Deputies were investigating Cairnes' death when they were fired on and called SLED for assistance, authorities said. Timmons said police entered the home where Winchester was found after getting no response from him for several hours.

Family members at the scene told The Herald the shooting stemmed from a feud between the two men.

David Cairnes said his brother was shot from a nearby house as he exited his store.

“He'd take his shirt off his back and give it to us. He doesn't deserve this,” David Cairnes said.