UNC system reiterates raise policy

The UNC system is talking to its campuses about its pay raise policy but will not order a review of all fixed-term contracts following N.C. State's recent 88 percent pay hike for Mary Easley.

“There are no plans for a widespread review,” said Joni Worthington, a spokeswoman for the UNC system. “There doesn't appear to be any indication that it is required. There will be a clarification to all the campuses about what the policy requires.”

Each public university campus will have to verify that they've adhered properly to the policy, Worthington added.

N.C. State officials acknowledged this week that it has, since 2002, been misinterpreting a university system policy requiring pay hikes of more than 15 percent and $10,000 to be approved by the UNC system's governing board.

Easley, wife of Gov. Mike Easley, recently received a $90,000 pay hike – from $80,000 to $170,000 – a broad expansion of her work duties, and a new, five-year contract.

N.C. State officials say they didn't think that the university system policy applied to Easley's situation because it doesn't cover new job hires, which is what they considered her new appointment to be.

Now, N.C. State will review more than 800 fixed-term contracts for workers ranging from single-course lecturers to top administrators.