N.C. man gets life in prison for killing wife

A Wendell man convicted of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his wife was sentenced Saturday to life in prison.

A Wake County jury handed down the sentence for 24-year-old Jakiem Wilson, WRAL-TV reported on its Web site. He was found guilty on Thursday.

Wilson's lawyers had said he killed Nneka Wilson in February but argued that he acted in a sudden fit of rage and did not plan the killing.

Nneka Wilson was stabbed in the heart, lung and neck after she stepped out of the shower.

The couple's two young children were home but were unharmed. Nneka Wilson's mother and stepfather have adopted Matthias, 4, and Naja, 2.

Witnesses testified that Wilson told them he waited with a knife behind his back as his wife showered.

Roderick Ryan Howell and Jamie Russell Holder said Wilson complained that his wife nagged him and would want child support if the two split up.

They are charged with helping Wilson cover up the crime and are being held at the Wake County Jail on charges of being accessories. Their bond is set at $2 million.